The Life of This World is but Chattels of Deception #6

The Torah, the Gospel and the Quran

This week, we will talk about the Quran and how it recognizes and deals with the prior scripture of the Torah and Ingil (Gospel). And while the Torah is well defined, the origin pf the word Gospel is most likely a rendering of the original Greek word evangelion meaning good news. The Arabic word Ingil is the direct derivation of the Greek word.

“A.L.M.[1] God, there is no deity but He

the immemorial, the self-existent,

who revealed the scripture to you (Muhamad) in certitude,

confirming that which came before it

in the Torah and the Gospel

as guidance for humanity and

also sent down the criterion (separating the truth from falsehood).

As for those who repudiate God’s paragons,

they will be subjected to severe torment,

for God is the Almighty, able of revenge.”

Quran, 3:1–3


Muslims are the only monotheist group that believe in the prior scriptures that came down upon the prophets Moses and Jesus, may God’s blessings be upon them and upon Muhammad who followed in their footsteps to complete and perfect the message. Both the Torah and the Ingil are mentioned throughout the Quran but for brevity, I will make reference to only two.

“We revealed the Torah,

Where in is guidance and light”

Quran, 5:44

“And We sent Jesus, the son of Mary

To follow them (the prior prophets) in their tracks

Verifying that which was there before him of the Torah,

and We gave him the Ingil (the Gospel)

within it, guidance and a light,

verifying what was there before him of the Torah”

and guidance and admonition for those who are pious.”

Quran, 5:46

The reader may then raise the issue that if all three holy scriptures are the same and from the same source, why we have three and not just one?

The reply is given in many verses in the Quran and they all refer to the fact that both the Rabbis, and the priests went to excesses that resulted in Jesus rebelling against the rabbis in the temple and in Muhamad correcting the excesses of the priests when they claimed that Jesus is the Son of God. Following is one such example from the Quran.

“And had they lived up to the Torah and the Gospel,

and all revelations coming down from their Lord,

they would have partaken of enjoyment

coming from above them and from below their feet.

There is a well-balanced community

Of moderates amongst them

But the majority of them follow hurtful deeds.”

Quran, 5:66

[1] A.L.M. are letters of the alphabets inserted at the beginning of some chapters. There is no consensus among Muslim scholars as to the specific meaning they may carry.