The Life of This World is but Chattels of Deception #5

Today’s topic is the most beautiful description of the attributes of God in human terms as given in verse 2;255 of the Quran and commonly referred to as “the verse of the chair”. The chair is in reference to the throne of God. Every Muslim is taught to recite it by heart at an early age and is often recited throughout the day and before retiring to sleep.

“Allah[1]! There is no god but He,

The Immemorial, the Self Existent,

No slumber or sleep can touch Him,

To Him belongs everything in heavens and earth,

Whoever could intercede with Him except with His permission?

He knows what went before them and what lies ahead of them

And they could not attain to any portion of His knowledge excepts as he permits

His throne encompasses the heavens and the earth

And their preservation does not burden Him

He is the Most High, the Great”

Quran, 2:255

And in another short chapter in the Quran, some of God’s attributed are described as follows:

“Say it is God, the One

God the eternal

Not begetting or begotten,

Not having an equal”

Quran, 112


It should be observed that while no biblical or Scientific scholar could find any errors in the above verses, they do find a lot of errors in the other holy scriptures such as the Torah and the Gospels. Why so? One simplistic answer is to say that the rabbis, for instance took the words of the Torah literally and gave them common interpretations. As an example of that let us review the words in Exodus describing the creation in six days.

“For in six days,

The Lord made heavens and earth,

The seas and all that is in them,

And rested on the seventh day”

Exodus 20:8–12

The rabbis interpreted the six days of creation as being six days of the calendars of mortal people on earth, which is clearly not true. Based on that, it then becomes easy to ask what happened on the seventh day, and the logical conclusion was that the Lord rested on that day and that became the basis for installing the day of sabbath. The Quran came down to correct that misconception by clearly stating that the Lord does not slumber or sleep or tires.

A more complex issue is the matter of attributing a wife or son to God. How does one reconcile that with the what is stated in the Quranic verses that God’s throne, and subsequently His presence, fills the whole heavens and the earth? Jesus holds a very high and honorable status in the Quran as will be shown later on, but he himself vehemently denied being the son of God but rather, he described himself in more humble terms that he was the son of man.

[1] Allah is used instead of God to alert the reader that it is the correct translation of God into Arabic. Allah is not the God of Muslims but God of all those who speak Arabic including Christians and Jews.



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