The Life of This World is but Chattels of Deception #23

The story of Joseph in the Quran Part#1

The story of Joseph is retold in the Quran with great many variations from the way it was told in Genesis 37, and the reader is encouraged to read both and deduct whatever lesson they can. The story is heart wrenching for it talks about brothers conspiring against a brother, the big loss, the hope, the reward and the redemption. But due to the length of the story that occupies 14 pages of the Quran, I will offer a summary over a two-session period and try to use some of the verses for emphasis.

From the Quran,

“We narrate to you (Muhammad) the best of stories in this revealed Quran

That you were not aware of before.

when Joseph told his father:’ O my father I saw in my dream that

eleven stars, the sun and the moon prostrating to me’

He said, O my son: ‘don’t tell that to your brothers lest they

plot against you out of jealousy, Satan is a great enemy.

And so, your Lord will favor you with the power of interpreting

Dreams, and will cap His blessings on you and the family of Jacob

As He has done with your forefathers Abraham and Isaac.

Verily in Joseph and his brothers are lessons for the inquisitor.

They (the brothers) said that our father favors Joseph and his brother (Benjamin)

Over the whole bunch of us. He is in manifest error.

Kill Joseph or cast him far away so you regain the attention of father

And you will become righteous folk.”

Quran, 12:3–9

So, they talk their father into allowing Joseph to go with them for an outing of fun and play. Once away from home, they elected not to kill Joseph but rather deposit him in watering well so he can be picked up later by a passing caravan, and that is what happened. Joseph was picked up by a caravan that took him to Egypt and he was to Potiphar (the honorable one in the Quran). The Potiphar told his wife to treat him well because they may adopt him as a son. One day, the wife while alone in the house, tried to seduce Joseph but he rejects her advances and when he tried to run away, she chased after him and, in the process, tore his shirt. Coincidently, the master returns to his house and his wife greets him at the door by complaining about Joseph trying to seduce her. Joseph denies the charges and claims that she went after him. A family member opinioned that to find the truth, examine the torn shirt. If it was torn from the front, then she is telling the truth but if it was torn from the back, then he was telling the truth. The shirt was torn from the back. The Potiphar orders his wife to repent and tried to forget the matter, but rumors spread that the wife of the Potiphar was in love with their slave without shame. She invited a bunch of them to her house then, ordered Joseph to appear to them. When they saw him, they glorified God, and said this is not a human, he is a gracious angel. The wife there upon collected her courage and said if he does not comply with my wishes I will order him jailed. Joseph deiced that jail is best for him, so the Potiphar decided to put him away in jail for a while.

Tune in next week for the second part of this story.



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