The Life of This World is but Chattels of Deception #16

Common Laws between the Torah and the Quran

From the Quran:

“We have revealed the Torah

Wherein guidance and light

By which the prophets who submit (to God)

Judge the Jews thereby

As do the rabbis and the scholars

By was entrusted to them

Of the Book of God

As they were bidden to observe

And stood as witnesses

So, fear not people but fear Me

And don’t barter My teachings for a petty gain.

Anyone who does not judge by

What God has mandated

They are the non- believers.”

Quran, 5:44

There are several lessons to be learned from the above verses, but before going over them, let us go back to the story behind those revelations. A couple of Jews living in Medina committed adultery knowing that the punishment in the Torah for that sin is death. They sought that they may get a lighter punishment by asking for a rule by the prophet who was the highest authority in Medina. However, when they went to the prophet, he did not rule immediately but rather asked them what the customary punishment for adultery was in the Torah. They claimed it to be painting their faces with charcoal and parading them face back on mules throughout the city. But a learned Jew who was a companion of the prophet at the time, challenged that and the Torah was brought to the prophet and the punishment was read to him, therefore, the prophet ordered the punishment to be carried out according to Jewish laws.

“If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman shall be put to death”

Leviticus, 20:10

As for the lessons learned:

1- All scriptures in their original revelations, follow the same laws mandated by the one God, the lord of the universe.

2- In matters related to the Jewish community, or any other minority living under the laws of Islam, matter of dispute within the community was preferentially deferred to them for dispensation of justice.



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