The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #66

Zag Kadah
2 min readSep 3, 2021

Sept.2, 2021

And This is The True Islam

From The Quran:

“Do affirm that GOD is One

The Eternal,

HE does not beget and is not begotten

And comparable to HIM is none.”

Quran, 112: 1–4

With the explanation of those few short verses, we come to the end of our recitation of the Quran, and sadly, I will conclude my weekly presentation on a regular basis. But what an exciting way to go out with so powerful few words that if understood correctly, tell what Islam all is about.

To many scholars, it is considered one of the most powerful chapters and summarizes the total faith of Islam. I agree with the scholars who conclude that to understand those verses is to know what Islam all is about. Everything else in the Quran is a reflection or an extension of the deep meaning of those words.

An inquisitive person may ask: OK, I understand the words, then what? And if that is so, then what is expected of us all?

For that I will refer to the next few verses that come near the beginning of the Quran that offer the creed of Muslims in a nutshell.

From the Quran:

“The essence of righteousness is not to turn your faces (in worship)

Towards the East or West but rather

Righteousness is to believe in God

And the Last Day

And the angels and scripture

And to believe in the prophets

And to give of one’s wealth (as dear as it may be to them)

To his/her kin and the orphans

And to give to the needy and to the wayfarer

And to those who ask for help,

And to give to free people who are in bondage

It is also they who are anchored in prayers

And pay their dues of zakat money

And those who keep their words and fulfill their promises

And those who persevere through

Tribulation, and in hardship, and in times of peril

It is those who are truly righteous

And it is they the same ones who are truly conscious of GOD.

Quran, 2:177