Zag Kadah
2 min readAug 20, 2021

The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #65

August 19, 2021

Truly no one is above the Law

From the Quran:

“And God rendered an example for those who have attained to faith,

The wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. Both were under the care of

Of OUR righteous slaves when they betrayed their husbands, so the

two husbands were unable to intercede with God on their behalf.

They were told to enter the hellfire with the rest (of the disbelievers)

And God rendered another example of those who did believe,

The wife of Pharaoh who has said:

“My Lord! Build for me a house in your company in paradise

And deliver me from Pharaoh and his evil work

And deliver me from the evil-doing folks.

Another example is Mary, the daughter of Imran

Who protected her chastity,

And WE breathed therein of OUR Spirit.

And she aligned herself with the Words of her Lord and HIS scriptures

And she was of the devoutly obedient.”

Quran, 66:10-11

The above two verses leave no doubt that in Islam, there is nobody above the law. The Quran tells us that the wives of two great prophets committed some crime, unspecified in the Quran, and their husbands could not shield them from the hellfire.

On the other hand, the evil deeds and behavior of Pharaoh who did horrible acts against the Jews and chased Moses and his people into the Red Sea did not affect the status of his wife, who was a secret believer. She requested from her Lord the highest status in paradise, and the implication is that she was granted her wish.

The Quran then moves into a new and unique category to talk about the Virgin Mary, who was rewarded for her chastity like no other person in the history of humanity. In fact, by mentioning Mary by name in the Quran, she was honored like no other woman. She is the only woman whose name is mentioned in the Quran and a whole chapter was named in her honor.

Going back to the concept of equality under the law, history tells us of many incidents where justice reigned supreme in the land of Islam.

A man once came to Omar when he was the Khalif, to file a complaint about Ali, one of the most prominent people in Islam and the nephew of the prophet, who was sitting next to Omar as a counselor of state. Immediately Omar ordered Ali to stand next to his adversary so both men could have an equal chance to present their cases.

Finally, I like to remind the readers that the Quran did not come to fight the Jews or the Christians, it came down to correct the courses they were taking.