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The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #62

July 29, 2021

The Barrier between the two Seas

From the Quran:

“It is HE who has let free the two bodies of flowing water:

One is palatable and sweet and the other salty and bitter.

Yet He made a barrier between them,

A partition that is forbidden for them to cross.”

Quran, 25:53

Also, from the Quran:

“And HE has set a barrier between the two seas.”

Quran 27:61

Also, from the Quran:

“He has let free the two bodies of flowing water,

Meeting together, and between them is

A barrier which they don’t transgress.”


Why would reading these few words and verses turn a great and very famous oceanographer,

Jacques Cousteau, into accepting Islam as his faith? Read on.

Jacques Cousteau wrote the following:[1]

“Investigating water open spaces in the strait of Gibraltar, he found out, (a) surprising fact not explained by science: Existence of two water layers, not mixing up with each other. They are as if divided by a film and have among themselves precise border. Each of them has temperature, salt structure, animal and flora. These are the two waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean adjoining with each other in Strait of Gibraltar.”

And he continues:

“And even in places, where they converge closely, each of them keeps its properties. In other words, in places of merger of two weights of water, water curtain does not allow them to mix up.”

At detection of this obvious and important fact, this scientist was extremely surprised. He stated:

“I long rested on laurels at this uprising phenomenon which is not explained by laws of physics and chemistry.”

But when he learned from a friend of his, Dr. Maurice Bucaille that this was mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago, he wrote:

“I swear that this Quran lagged behind modern science, can’t be the speech of a person. It is true speech of Almighty. After that I accepted Islam and each day I was amazed by truth, Justice, ease, utility of this religion.”

It may be worth mentioning that in 1962 another group of German scientists discovered the same phenomenon at Bab-Al-Mandeb where the waters of the Red Sea meet the Indian Ocean.

Back to the original question as to why reading such verses will cause a scientist to convert to Islam? The answer is very simple. They realize that the uttering in the Quran can’t be the words of other than an Almighty, Knowing Creator. This is also referenced in the Quran when it claims:

“Those who fear God the most, are the scholars. Verily God is Mighty, Forgiving”

Quran, 35:28

[1] Courtesy of Islamic Bulletin Org.