The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #60

Zag Kadah
1 min readJul 17, 2021

July 15, 2021

The Eternal Message Can’t be Hidden

From the Quran:

“Lo! Those who reject the revelation when it came down to them,

(Can’t hide from God or inject falsehood)

For it is an unassailable Scripture that is

Immune corruption, whether moving forward or backward.

A revelation from the WISE, the owner of all praise.

Nor what is said to you (Muhammad) is a novelty

It is the same message that was revealed

Upon prior messengers.

Lo! Your Lord is the Owner of forgiveness

And the owner of dire punishment.

… Quran, 41:41–43

We shall show them our portents

On the horizon and within their souls

Until it becomes manifest evidence

Upon them that it is the truth.

Does not suffice for you that

Your Lord is a witness over all things?

Quran, 41:53

The author has, on several occasions, pointed out that science and scientists have failed to unlock the mysteries of creation and they never will. As Einstein stated on several occasions, science reaches a barrier that it can’t penetrate.