The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #57

July 1, 2021

The Creation of the Universe in Six Days

Let us compare those remarkable verses with what is known scientifically so far.

1- The creation started with the Big Bang some 13.72 billion years ago and the sky was lit up with the stars. That is day 1

2- Our solar system was created as a result of the death of a nova star. Among the newborn planets was our earth. That took place about 4.5 billion years ago. That is day 2.

3- The debris from the death of the nova star containing most of the chemical elements of the periodic table showered our planet earth — perhaps uniquely — with iron, hydrogen, and oxygen that combined to form water, carbon, silicon, and many more giving the earth the ability to sustain life. The mountains were also formed in this period. The length of this period is not determined as yet. Quran alluded to this in the following verses:

4- Upon making the earth completely habitable, all living things sprung, including humans and animals to inhabit the land and the seas. This period is open-ended.

5- On the fifth and six celestial days the formation of the skies were completed with seven layers giving various protection to the earth and its inhabitants.

The concept of a celestial day might not be intuitive to some, but we must conclude from the above explanation that there is a clear distinction between celestial days and our common understanding of a day as a measure of the earth’s rotation on its axis. As opposed to a celestial day, the measure of a solar day is insignificant when considering the vast universe and our solar system’s small part of it.

By the same token, the confusion of the two forms of periods is what pushed some earlier biblical scholars to conclude that God must have rested on the seventh day and that is why that day is consecrated as a holy day of rest.

However, God does not need to rest, eat, sleep or slumber or adhere to any of the attributes of all living things from birth to death.



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