Zag Kadah
2 min readJul 2, 2021


The Creation of the Universe in Six Days

From The Quran,

“Say is it that you reject HIM who created the earth

in two celestial Days

And you try to set up rivals to HIM Who has dominion over all realms?

He who has placed on the earth there- in anchored mountains

and gave (the earth) His blessings

And apportioned its life-sustaining sustenance,

all in four days for those who need to know.

He then directed His Will of manifestation towards the sky while still in smoke,

And said to it and to the earth:

Come into harmony you both, willingly or unwillingly,

They said: we come in obedience.

He then, decreed them to be seven heavens and assigned to each its function.

Quran, 41: 9–12

“And we sent down iron and embedded in it an enormous strength

And of great usefulness to mankind and so God could test those

Who would support Him and His messengers in full trust…”

Quran, 57:25