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The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #45

April 8, 2021

Who are the Believers according to the Quran?

The “believers” is a term that is used hundreds of times throughout the Quran and yet often its meaning is not understood by most people, including those who read the Quran on a regular basis.

To elaborate, I would first state the definition given in Wikipedia: A believer is a person who has complete submission to the will of God and faith firmly established in his heart.

But while this is true, it is not sufficient. I will explain why by recalling some verses from the Quran:

“Successful indeed are the believers

Those who are devout in their prayers

And who shun frivolous conversation

And who give alms

And who guard their modesty

Save their spouses and what their right hand processed.

With such they don’t incur blame

But whosoever craves beyond that, are transgressors

And they the ones who keep their pledges

And who are constant in their prayers

Those are the heirs

Who will inherit paradise and there they will abide.”

Quran, 23:1

And also, from the Quran:

“The true believers are those whose hearts feel fear

When the name of God is invoked

And they hear the recitation of this revelation,

It fortifies their faith and they put their trust with God.”

Quran, 8:2

And also, from the Quran:

“The Arabs of the desert say “we believe”

Say to them: you believe not but rather say “we profess Islam

But faith has not been firmly established in our heart.”

Quran 49:14

And also, from the Quran:

“On the day when all assemble for judgment

And whosoever believes in God and performs good deeds

God will remit from their bad deeds.”

And usher them into paradise…”

Quran, 64:9

After reading the above verses I would like to raise and answer two questions:

1- Are all Muslims considered to be believers? And the answer is given in the negative in verse 49:14 above. Not all Muslims are believers.

2- Could a non-Muslim be a considered as a believer? And the answer is positive from reading verse 64:9.

So based on all the above, I would conclude that there are two conditions for a person to be considered a believer:

1- Full submission to the will of God with firm faith in their hearts.

2- Perform good deeds that would wipe out the bad ones.