The Life of This World is but Chattel of Deception #40

The Creation of the Seven Layers of Heavens in the Quran

“The One (God) who created the seven skies in layers

You see no disharmony in the creation of the Benevolent One.

Now look: do you see any fissure?

Quran, 67:3

“Then God turned to the sky while still in vapor, then said

To it and to the earth: ‘come willingly or forcefully’

They said, ‘we come willingly’

Then He ordained them seven layers in two days

and revealed to each its mandate.

And We adorned the sky of this world with light

And as a protection.

That is the order of the Almighty, the Knowing.”

Quran, 41: 11–12

Here are the points raised in the above verses:

1- God created seven layers or firmaments of the sky.

2- The creation of this portion was completed in two periods.

3- The sky was, at the time, in a state of vapor or smoke.

4- Each layer of the sky was assigned a specific function.

5- The star formations do provide protection for the earth.

Some biblical scholars treated the number seven as a symbolic figure perhaps because it is used often in relation to other subjects such as the seven days of creation and the seven seals of revelations. But that is not so, for indeed there are seven layers of the sky that I will briefly discuss:

1- The first layer is called the troposphere. It extends from 6–12 miles. In this layer, temperature goes down as we move away from the earth. Much of the day-to-day activities take place within it.

2- The stratosphere is next, and it could extend up to 30 miles. In this layer the temperature is inverted. It goes up as we move away from the earth. The point of inversion delineates the first from the second layer.

3- Mesosphere is next and it extends up to about 53 miles. Most meteors burn in this layer before they hit the earth.

4- The thermosphere is next and could extend to more than 600 miles. Its function is to absorb x-rays and the ultraviolet wave radiation.

5- The exosphere is the uppermost layer, and it could extend up to 60,000 miles. This is a transition layer and the density in it is so low that it makes it possible to escape the gravitational pull of the earth.

6- The ionosphere comprises portions of the mesosphere, thermosphere and the exosphere. It plays a big role in atmospheric electricity and influences propagation of signals to distant places on earth.

7- Finally, the magnetosphere is formed when a stream of charged particles such as the solar wind interacts and is deflected by the magnetic field of the earth.

In summary, every word in the Quran is a measured one and while it is not a scientific text, nothing in it could be in variance with true science.

Finally, I like to exhort my readers as the Quran exhorts us all to contemplate God’s creation and see how God perfected His creation to provide us with the utmost of everything. Should we not be thankful?



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