God’s Abundant Knowledge

“It is He (God) who holds the keys to the unknown.

No one knows of it except Him.

He knows what is on the land and what is in the water

Not a leaf falls except with His knowledge

Not a grain in the darkness of the earth

And not a fresh or a decayed thing except

That is all a part of a timeless unambiguous record.”

“If the seas were ink for the words of my God,

Surely the sea would be exhausted before

My God’s words are exhausted,

Even if we replenish the sea with another”

“If it was so that all the trees on earth

Turned into pens, and the sea (were ink),

With seven more seas lined behind it,

The Words of God would not be exhausted,

Behold, is Almighty, All-wise.”

“If you look at Quran, with your eyes, you’ll see words.

If you look it with your brain, you’ll see the knowledge.

If you look at it with your heart, you’ll see love.

If you look at it with all your soul [or all your faculties], you will see God.”



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